What is cash discounting, and is it right for my business?


A cash discount is a reduction in price given to customers who pay with physical currency instead of a card. When a customer does pay using a credit or debit card, they are charged a “non-cash adjustment” fee to cover the cost of processing. Cash discounting is an excellent method for businesses to pass the expense of processing fees onto the customer. If your business is located in the United States, there is a high probability that cash discounting would be a great option for your business! That said, every business is different and it is best to speak with an expert before making a decision.

If you’d like to learn more about cash discounts, you can contact our lead consultant Tom Holt for a free 15-minute consultation (using the calendar below). During the call, you will discover more about how cash discounting works, and whether it is a good option for your business. Before scheduling a call, you can also take our quick quiz to see if cash discounting is likely to be a good fit for your business.

After the call, if you decide that cash discounting is something you want to pursue further, you can book a second meeting with Tom Holt to see whether you qualify for our program. If you do qualify, Tom will go through our program in detail with you during the conversation. Tom will also evaluate your company, product, price point, and other factors to see whether your business is a good fit for our program. If you and Tom both decide that it is a good fit, we will work with you one-on-one throughout the entire process of putting our program in place for your business.