As a business owner, you know that it is important to continually look for new customers in order to grow your business. It can be hard to find ways of attracting them when they are constantly bombarded with advertisements and sales pitches on the internet. However, there are many effective strategies for getting people’s attention and turning them into paying customers! Here are five ideas that will help you get started:


Offer something unique

Offer a great product or service at a good price, and provide excellent customer support. These are the basics of running any business successfully, but it is important to offer something unique as well in order to stand out from competitors. For example, if you run an auto services company that offers free tire rotation with every oil change for all customers, you might have a competitive edge over other similar businesses that do not offer free tire rotation.


Provide value for free

Offering something for free is another way to attract new customers. For example, you might offer a special promotion or discount if people like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter. Or maybe you could give away some of the more popular items from your product line as contest prizes – this will make it easier to market those products too!


Have an interesting website design

You might think that having an interesting website design is just for those who sell products online, but it really isn’t. A unique and creative site can definitely help attract new customers for brick and mortar businesses as well! People are far more likely to purchase items at a store if they’re attracted by an interesting website. For one thing, it helps people get in the mood for what you’re offering and makes them feel like part of your brand! Plus, having a cool site shows that you care about making customers happy – which is always good when trying to attract new customers.


Be active on social media sites

Having an active social media presence shows that you’re available to your customers, which makes them feel more comfortable about doing business with you! If people see other satisfied buyers talking about how great their experience was at your store or restaurant, they’ll be much more likely to give it a try themselves.


Tell your story

People want to know about the people behind a brand! Sharing your story will allow customers to relate with you and make them feel like they’re not just another sale. Telling your story can pay off big time, as long as it’s genuine – if potential customers think someone is trying too hard or being fake, you’ll lose their trust right away.


While this isn’t a comprehensive list of tips for attracting new customers, these are some great places to start. Implementing any or all of these strategies will help you increase your customer base and establish a solid reputation in your local area.

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Tom Holt

Tom is an entrepreneur with a proven track record for starting and running successful companies. He has years of experience in the business world, including co-founding several successful software companies. Tom also provides consulting to other businesses on marketing, business development, and product development.