Books are an excellent resource for any business. But, with so many books to choose from it can be hard to know which ones are best suited for your needs. This blog post will help you find the perfect book that is right for you by listing 11 of the most popular books on entrepreneurship and small business. Some of these books will teach you about the basics such as how to write a business plan, while others are more in-depth and go over financial strategies for your company. Whatever type of small business owner or entrepreneur that you may be we have got something here for every person reading this blog post!

  1. Business Adventures* by John Brooks: This book is a collection of New Yorker articles written by the late journalist, but it isn’t your typical behind-the-scenes look at business. Business Adventure gives readers an inside look at how decisions have been made in some of America’s most influential companies from Ford to Xerox and beyond. Many consider this book to be one of Warren Buffet’s favorites as well which should tell you something about its worthiness for reading.
  2. The Millionaire Next Door*: If you want tips on being a millionaire or just a better understanding of what drives them then read The Millionaire Next Door! Drs Thomas Stanley and William Danko did extensive research on millionaires living in America today and compiled their findings
  3. The Lean Startup by Eric Reis. If you want to understand the methodology behind successful startup development, this is your book! It has personally changed my entire approach to growing our company and helped us adopt the “lean” mindset which resulted in major growth for me.
  4. Start with Why, By Simon Sinek: Simply speaking – look inside yourself before starting something new. This will help you avoid wasting time on things that don’t matter or won’t work out down the road. A quick read, but a powerful one too!
  5. Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares explains how startups can scale their customer acquisition process without spending lots of money from advertising.
  6. The E -Myth Manager, Revised Edition: This is a great follow-up from his other books on business building. I found this one very helpful since it explains why it’s not good for managers/supervisors to become involved in too much of their employees’ work so they can focus on leading them effectively instead.
  7. Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson: In many this book feels like the antiwork that most millennials and gen-z are feeling like. The book gives a lot of practical advice on how to run your business more effectively.
  8. The Business of the 21st Century by Chris Brogan & Jessica Rhodes: A guide on how to network effectively for business owners who are looking into social media as a marketing strategy.
  9. How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie: This book was originally written in 1937 but has been updated over time with new editions, making it one of the most popular self help books ever published. It is also considered required reading at many top universities around the world. Although this book is not specifically about running your own company it teaches valuable communication skills that can be applied to any situation you might encounter daily while doing business. This includes negotiating contracts or handling employee relations issues which are both essential parts of owning an enterprise!
  10. Small Business Big Vision” by Joel Libava – This book is filled with all kinds of great advice from creating a marketing strategy for your new enterprise to understanding what it takes to run an efficient office. It also includes tips on social media marketing which can help any business gain exposure online regardless if they currently operate their own website or not.
  11. The Art of the Start: How to Launch and Grow Your Business, by Guy Kawasaki. This is definitely a must read for any entrepreneur! He does an excellent job at helping you turn your idea into a business through his easy to follow steps and guide on creating not just a plan but also how to implement it. When starting up your own company this might be one of those books that can help save you some time as well because he has already gone through all the mistakes so now you don’t have too.

Now that we’ve given you our top 11 business books to read, it’s time to start learning! We guarantee these will be extremely helpful on your journey. I’m excited for you guys to read these books because they will be extremely helpful as new business owners like yourselves! They all talk about making your idea into a reality which is what every entrepreneur should know how to do by now, right? We hope that this can help make things easier for those who don’t have any previous knowledge on how to start a small business.

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